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I’ve recently noticed on my forum that the “Add another file” link below the upload option doesn’t work – it just goes directly to the top of the page. I checked the settings and couldn’t find any options for this, so I thought I’d register and post here to see if I could find a solution.

Here’s a link to my forum, where you can create a new post and test the button for yourself. I have the latest version of WordPress and GD bbPress Attachments:

Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Most likely CSS and JS files plugin needs are not loaded, usually due to the way you may be using bbPress. In plugin settings you have options to force loading of JS / CSS files, and you need to enable it.

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    Hi Charlie,

    I recently experienced a similar issue and isolated it to my analytics plugin (WP Slim Stat Analytics).
    When one of my users clicked the Add another file button, the page would jump to the top and two new Attach file buttons would appear. This was because the analytics software was double-triggering the click in order to record it.
    In my analytics plugin settings, I told it to stop tracking clicks on those buttons. The behaviour is now correct again.
    Good luck.

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    That worked! What I did was check the “Always include” box in the settings (along with the option it said “Enable this option if you use BuddyPress with bbPress plugin for site wide forums.”).

    Thanks for your help!

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