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I had installed GD bbPress Attachments and It was working properly.

After install GD bbPress Tools, the followings happened only when roles was a participant, though I confirmed my settings of participant on GD bbPress Attachments and GD bbPress Tools were correct. In settings of GD bbPress Tools, I only activated “Quote Topics and Replies” and “Limit bbPress access on admin side”. (When roles is administrator, it works fine.)

1. “quote” function link letters do not appear around post and reply forms.

2. a file upload button and related bbPress Attachments’ functions do not appear around post and reply forms.

I uninstalled GD bbPress Tools and GD bbPress Attachments, and then installed only GD bbPress Attachments again, but the symptoms(above “2.”) did not change.

I think some settings are remaining on my MySQL database of WordPress.
How could I work them properly? Or at least, I want to restore the situation to normal.

I’m using;

WordPress ver. 4.1
bbPress ver. 2.5.4
GD bbPress Attachments ver. 2.6
GD bbPress Tools ver. 1.6
Theme: twentytwelve


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    There is no conflict between these plugins since they don’t share settings or anything else. I will recheck settings for participants again.


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    Thank you for your reply and checking.

    I’m checking also, and found something like follows.
    I hope it would be some clues for solving this matter.

    I’m setting a “.htaccess” in WP root folder, in that file, I set that only a specified IP address(this is for administrator) can access a wp-login.php file as follows.

    <Files wp-login.php>
    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from←specified IP address)

    Checked more, I found that after install GD bbPress Tools, login behavior of WordPress seemed to have been changed.
    Only a specified IP address user from the IP address PC (set in “.htaccess”) can login, and other users who haven’t specified IP can’t login. Even administrator can’t login form an another PC.
    Uninstall “GD bbPress Tools” and “GD bbPress Attachments”, these behavior didn’t become normal again even now.

    By the way, my site URI has a character of “code” like,

    Is this something to do with GD bbPress Tools folder has a “code” folder also?

    If you found something, please let me know.


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    My plugins has nothing to do with any login process, name of folders in plugins has nothing to do with URL’s on the website. URL’s are rewriten by the WordPress, and my plugin have no impact on that. Whatever is wrong on your setup, has nothing to do with my plugins. The fact that things are broken after my plugins are uninstalled is proof that problem is not related to my plugins.


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