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I noticed when i have the “Attachment Icon” active, my Forum Index Side takes a lot more time for loading as when i switched it off. That’s not a big deal, but i prefer to see which topic has an attachment and which not. So did anybody has an idea why or what can i do ?


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    This option adds some extra queries into website to determine if there are attachments present, but this is very fast and there should be no slowdown at all. Also, no other user reported anything like that.

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    Hmm, i checked here every plugin one after another and found out that the bbpress attachment when deactivated, my bbpress forum loads as fast as the other sites. Put the plugin again online it loads a lot longer on the index pages, that sides where the attachment icons would be shown. So i had the idea with the icon, and bingo thats it for me… But as you wrote, no other one has that problem, to bad, so i think have to live with that…
    By the way, when i buy the bbpress toolbox, what happens to the uploaded files with bbpress attachment ? Are they fully compatible ? Means installing the toolbox and deactivate / deinstall the old tool runs smooth ?

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    As for Info, i made two Pagetests, first one is without the Attachment Icons, second one with..

    You can see the difference, but i don’t have an idea why…

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    GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has started as GD bbPress Attachments, so files will remain. You will only need to recheck settings to make sure you set all new options, but update will work fine. Also, plans for next major 3.5 version for this plugin will include some improvements for the cache related to attachments, and it is planned for March 2015.


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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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