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When I attach an image to a new topic it doesn’t get uploaded but there is no error message. It works OK on replies, and it works if I edit the original topic and attach the file again.

I’m using WordPress 4.9.4 and bbpress 2.5.14

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    Sorry, I can’t reproduce the problem, it works fine on my end. It is possible that some other plugin is causing problem, and you should try and find which plugin might be doing that.

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    OK thank you, I’ll try that.

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    I’ve tried different combinations of plugins and changed themes, and the problem only happens when the bbp style pack is activated. I’ve also tried resetting the style pack options and it doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your help and for a great plugin. I’ll try reporting this on the style pack forum.

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    It is possible that style pack modifies some templates, and misses on some filters or actions that original templates have. Anyway, my plugin depends on actions and filters default bbPress templates have.

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