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I’ve recently upgraded to WP 4.1, bbpress 2.5.4 and buddypress 2.1.1. I’m using GB bbpress Attachments 2.1
Theme = TwentyEleven but with edits.

All references to attachments (upload buttons etc) have disappeared from buddypress groups but are available in bbpress forums. I have the “Always include” flag set.

Any ideas as to what else might be preventing attachments from showing?

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    Plugin is not dealing with BuddyPress, it attaches itself into bbPress, and it doesn’t matter if the bbPress is used in BuddyPress or not. But, group forums in BuddyPress have some old legacy forums in form of standalone bbPress 1.0 (not plugin version). If your BuddyPress is using that, you can’t use my plugin for it. My plugin supports bbPress plugin version 2.3 or newer.


    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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