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Attachments uploader not showing in forum topics.

Published on: January 29, 2012 at 6:14 pm · By: Anonymous

I have the gd bbpress addin with wordpress 3.3.1, BBPress 2.0.2, Elgee Elbee Theme version 1.35 and gd Attachements version 1.5.3. When ever i post a new topic or reply i do not get the attachment options to upload attachments.

I have checked the forums and attachments are enabled. Any Ideas?

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    Options to upload should be visible on the form before you submit the topic or reply. Maybe the theme you are using adding own templates for bbPress and they are not up to the specification.

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    Is there like a shortcode or something i need on the page or a piece in the elbee elgee theme that i need to set? I didn’t see anything in the documentation besides just plug and play in the pluggins.

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    I have no idea what can be the problem. It works with anything I tested as long as the theme either uses bbPress templates or implements own with all filters and actions intact.

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    Found the problem. It appears the theme did not have all the hooks in it that it should have. I worked with Literal Barrage to get the hooks added and am testing the new version of the theme which works fine with both recaptcha and attachments.

    Elbee Elgee theme version 1.3.6 or greater should be working.

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