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Automatically opening links

Published on: May 30, 2019 at 12:09 am · By: steve1

I’m guessing that this is a pretty simple or obvious thing, but I’ve been trying everything I could think of and I can’t get it.

When you copy the address from a website and paste it into a message on facebook/twitter, etc, when someone else views that message on your timeline, what they see is the website from the address that you pasted. When I try that in any of my forums, what I get is the link that I can click on that will take me to the website. I just want it to be automatic like it is on social media, and I figured I’d ask if any of the plugins here would enable that functionality.


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    This depends on the website you want to link, and the website where you adding links. If the website is WordPress, it has the oEmbed feature built in and active by default, but some websites might turn it off.

    Also, there is a way to take any link, parse it (similar to Facebook), and get the image and other things to convert the link to some layout showing image, formatted title… You can try to search for the plugin that does that, or it can be built, and if you need help with that, I take freelance work from time to time.


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    I appreciate it. I was actually more concerned with people using this site that were used to that functionality from facebook/twitter, etc. I was just looking to see if any plugin that I could get pretty cheaply would “just enable this”. I appreciate the offer, but this website/forums is simply a hobby – more nostalgia from running a BBS back in the 90s than anything else. 🙂


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    If the website you want to link to supports oEmbed (all WP after 4.0 do, but it can be disabled), and if your website supports oEmbed, this just works out of the box, in bbPress forums too. But, all other cases, would require a plugin, maybe there is something in, you should try there.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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