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Great plugin but I need some tip if there is any way to get the attached picture scaled to allowed maximum file size (720 K) on upload.

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    There is no such option, and there is no way to make it, since you can’t really know how the re-sizing will reflect on image size.

    GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has options to check files before upload to see if they are up to the set restrictions, and it can restrict extensions allowed, and it can prevent form submission if the files user tries to upload are too big:


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    Thx for a quick reply!
    Ok, but is it not possible for bbPress to use the medium or thumbnail generated picture by WP. Then you at least have a picture.

    Otherwise I might upgrade to at least make it a little bit easier for the users.

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    WordPress does makes smaller images when you upload. But, if you set attachments upload limit, plugin will refuse any image that is larger. Same goes with Pro plugin, but in that case, user will see validation and preview before uploading. Also, keep in mind that free plugin will be updated to be compatible with bbPress and WordPress, and it will not get any new features in the future. All new development goes into Pro plugin.

    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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