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bbpress Post Formatting Buttons Not Visible

Published on: May 16, 2023 at 3:19 pm · By: rt77

Hello for some reason my post formatting buttons in the bbpress visual text editor are not showing even though they are enabled. I think it is related to my theme. I have read about this issue somewhere else but if I activate the “bbp style pack” plugin, it fixes this, or if I change the theme to the default wordpress theme it fixes it also. So what do I need to do in order to make it work with my current “astra” theme?

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    I am unsure what the editor buttons have to do with my plugin because GD bbPress Tools has no settings for that. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has dedicated feature for enabling various types of editors in bbPress topics/replies, but free plugin doesn’t have that.

    And yes, themes can cause problems with that, but I am not sure what you enabled to have the editor buttons. If you can post some screenshots, and errors from JavaScript console, maybe I can see something.


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    Maybe it does not have to do with the plugin but I think that you may have missed something to be honest. Should it be fixed in my theme? Probably, but I think what “bbp style pack” has done was added the fix just in case any theme did not have the code fix for it to work on any theme.

    I do also wish to patch it in my theme if possible but if you could add the fix for all themes in an update this would be helpful but I am already using the “bbp style pack” plugin so you would need to be careful that it does not interfere with how they do it I guess. I am not sure, I am just making suggestions. I can always just try to patch my theme or simply use the bbp style pack to enable the post formatting buttons again. I am using “Astra” theme but if I revert back to the wordpress default theme then the Post Formatting Bar now shows. It is only on certain themes that is does not show for whatever reason.

    ok here is where the setting is in bbpress:


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    Yeah, that is the bbPress option. And my plugin has nothing to do with that in any way, so I am not sure how I can help you to solve this.

    If the problem lies in the Astra theme (and it most likely does, I have seen previous reports of strange things happening with bbPress and Astra, and the problem is fixed when you change the theme), you need to reach out to the support for Astra and ask them to investigate the problem and fix it. My guess is either some Astra configuration issue or an issue with JavaScript.

    I can’t fix any issues for all themes because the cause of the issue can be different, and coding really doesn’t work like that. Whatever is causing the issue has to be fixed, and adding external code to fix things is not a good way to do anything, and will likely make things worse in the long run.

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    Thanks Milan, Ok I understand. That is kind of what I had figured. I just submitted a support ticket over at Astra to let them know and see what they can do for this. It has been like this for a long time for whatever reason with bbpress. This is what made me not use it in the past because I never found the proper answer and I needed this feature to work so that users can be able to post forum posts without having to know html and/or bbcodes..

    Alright I will wait and see what they tell me..

    ~ Thanks

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    I use GeneratePress as a main theme, and it is amazing (and I think it is much better than Astra which starts to feel too bloated), and it doesn’t break stuff for no reason. And, this forum uses my plugin GD Quantum Theme for bbPress to further enhance the look and feel of the forums, with all my other bbPress plugins.

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    I started using Astra a while ago so it is what I am used to now but yes there are tons of options which can feel bloated but they say it is one of the fastest wordpress themes available. My site loads pretty slow though so I am not sure if that is my server or too many plugins, me needing a good caching plugin or all of the above.. I probably need to tweak some stuff for speed like css and javascript somehow.

    Ok yes, I am going to purchase your GD Quantum Theme for bbPress since I am using the bbPress default and it is rather boring. I have been trying to use the “bbp style pack” plugin but I am not sure that I will need it after trying your plugins? I am using it now because I wanted to change the way the forum elements look. Can we do this with Quantum or GD bbPress Toolbox Pro?

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    Quantum will replace the whole look of the forums, and will add bunch of options via Customizer to configure it. And, don’t use ‘bbp style pack’ – that plugin is made to work with default templates.

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    ok I got a response from them at Astra/Brainstorm Force:

    Me: It seems to be a theme issue as I have seen others have a similar problem with bbpress not displaying the bbpress post formatting options with certain themes. Try this with bbpress installed and the bbpress post formatting setting ON.. use astra and see it does not display these bbpress formatting buttons.. now switch to the wordpress default theme and now you will see them displayed correctly.

    It seems to be Astra that has not taken into account some piece of code somehow so that this can work with bbpress post formatting..

    Astra/Brainstorm Force: I could notice the same issue on my end. Not just Astra, but the same toolbar does not appear for many themes. It seems to be affected by this:, which is a bbPress CSS.

    I have noted it and will report it to the concerned development team. If this is something that needs fixing from our side, we will surely resolve it soon with an update.

    In the meantime, as a temporary solution, you may use the following CSS in the Additional CSS section of the customizer:

    div#qt_bbp_topic_content_toolbar, div#qt_bbp_reply_content_toolbar {
    display: block;

    I hope that helps! Let us know if you have more queries.

    End Of Reply:

    So it seems that they may fix this is an update but if you are using The bbPress Quantum Theme (Recommended) you will not need to patch it since that fixes the issue when used..

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