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Call for suggestions: bbPress based support plugin

Published on: January 21, 2017 at 6:49 am · By: juliaabraham

1) Add new user role for support staff users.
2) Set and control each forum as support based.
3) Assign support staff to individual forums.
4) Notifications system for support staff to get notifications about new topics, changes in topics and more.
==> 1 forum can be more than 2 staff handle. Example forum A have staff 1 and staff2
===> Sollution
==1==Lable new: If both of staff and admin did not reply. If one of these people reply already, New lable will dissappear
==2==Allow both of user and staff close topic as fixed issue or something user fixed thereself or don’t want ask anymore (have check box to use reason close, so email content will be close due to this reason) , come with notification for the rest person
(If user close, all staff will get notify. If 1 of staff close, all the rest staff will get notify and user)
==3== How about rating system such as gooddy (after chate done or support done) and range level of staff to see if staff is good for pay better income or fire him because of bad job?
Such as:
Who would you like rating: Name of all staff who is member in reply for this support topic
Speed of support: Vey slow, Slow, normal , fast, very fast
Quality of support: Very poor, poor, normal, quality, very quality
Behavious of supporter: Very bad, bad, normal, good, very good
==4== Rage this staff,
==how many times rating topic did he get. Number of time he get click rating submit==> To know how many time did he work hard on job
==started date supporter as time he started worked for website for each forum. because staff can be move job for difference forum
== Track for each forum he handle to know he quality of which forum better than which forum supporter
==Total rating of each option bellow such as table to see how quality detail (i can draw an excel table for you if need)
Speed of support:
Vey slow: 100 times
Slow: 10 times
normal : 1000 times
very fast….
Quality of support: ….
Behavious of supporter: …..
== Total rating of All option. Just work like product of woocommerce, have fitter to search info rating of staff…. If you think this feature can do, i will write detail with pic example
==All of these appear in support account page and admin page only. user dont know how bad or good of supporter. Just use for admin handle staff
==5== Auto email remeber after 5 days without any freshness in topic
Auto again if bellow email did not get rating after total 7 days (2 days next). If user don’t rating within 24 hours again
Topic auto close with email . Topic mark as sloved due to fixed support

Please consider. If can do will be geart. If you still want to hear suggestion. I will search and thinking more about your Last feature bellow.
5) Expand topics with flags for support question type, resolution, and status.
6) Centralized front page for support staff to display global support overview.
7) Centralized front page for users to get overview off own support topics and statistics.
8) Track response times for new topics, track resolution times.
9) Forums access based on the products each user owns (connected to your own products and licensing systems).
10) Topic views for filtering support topics.
11) Widgets related to support status, statistics, topics.
12) Management for the open hours for each support staff user.

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    Thanks for suggestions.

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    You can send it to Just include name of this topic, so I don’t miss it in the inbox.

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    Ok emailed
    [Dev4Press Support] New reply for: Call for suggestions: bbPress based support plugin

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    Thanks, there are a lot of useful suggestions, and I am confident that many of them will be incorporated in the new plugin.

    In the next two months, I will be preparing plugin specifications. Due to plenty of potential features, features will be spread across main and future major releases. With any plugin of such complexity, it is best to start with a smaller set of features, and built upon that.

    Also, there will be features that will be made as addons. Any feature that is not essential to the plugin core, will be developed as an addon. In your specs. you mention products from WooCommerce. This is a good example of what addon can be: Connect to WooCommerce purchases. Or connect to EasyDigitalDownload purchases.

    By the end of March 2017, I will try to have specifications ready to include all features planned for the plugin first release and few future major versions. By then, I will also have general idea on the development timetable and when the plugin release might be expected.

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    Happy to hear that info can be help.

    If create woocommerce OR easydigital download to be support add-ons. It should be not just simple connect. It should be power ad-on again with full function for website owner alone. OR website owner kind of wc-vendor, wc-marketplace, dokan. All will no need intergate with each of that plugin, Just basic on function on user ROLE, will be work for all of these plugin and all plugin vendor of any new feature. I complete have idea how to make it work. Will be usefull ad-on market again.

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    Hello. One more option. Can you also make it work?

    1) Widget of all staff and manger online. Which only appear for specical role. Example i will use admin, staff and manager staff role. So all staff and manger can easy know what is going on in staff

    2) Track online /offline for Role staff and manager only. Email notify used allow to some email such as, i will use,, ==> all people in this listed email will have notify of time online and offline of staff. SO admin can know if staff went to work or not. Becuase staff manager and admin can not always stick online 1005 to check if staff online and work or not. By this way, everyday, admin and staff manager can go back check email if staff went online and offline exactly job time or not. This is very important needed, to advoid user lier time working or work late than time schedule for them.


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