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Hi there

We have Buddypress groups with 3 000 plus members in each group.

Our server runs out of memoery when trying to send an email to these 3 000 plus members.

Can GD:
Cope with this volume, and issue them in batches of 500 (our email server allows for this)
Will there be any server memory issues do you think?

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    There is no way to know any of this. The number of emails that can be sent in one session depends on the server, and if you want to send emails as fast as possible it would require testing to determine server limits.

    1. How do you use BuddyPress for sending 3000 emails? Is it done by some BuddyPress native functionality, or something else?
    2. My plugin can intercept BuddyPress emails, and store them into the queue for sending later. But, it is possible that the process can timeout if you attempt to send all 3000 emails at once, especially because BuddyPress wraps each email into an HTML template, and if HTML is not present, my plugin can do the same (this is optional).
    3. Sending speed depends on the sending method. GD Mail Queue Free version can use only PHP mail() function or SMTP server. GD Mail Queue Pro can use various REST API based services (Amazon SES, SendGrid, Gmail, Mailgun, MailJet or SendInBlue). SMTP is usually limited, and it needs more time to process each email, while most of the REST API services don’t have such limitations, and they can process more emails in the same amount of time, making it better for high volume queues. Some tests I did with Amazon SES, plugin queue was able to send close to 1000 emails under 20 seconds (emails that are already processed, and queued).
    4. Even REST API services can have limitations, depending on the services used.


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