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Cannot access GD Mail Queue forum

Published on: December 10, 2019 at 12:39 am · By: Tony

Sorry – I know this is the wrong forum for this, but…

If not logged in I can view the GD Mail Queue forum fine, but cannot post, of course.
If I log in, it says I am not allowed to view that forum.

My guess is that once logged in, your system knows I have a paid-up license for GD Mail Queue and allows me access to this paid-only forum and also knows I do not have a GD Mail Queue Pro license and so blocks me, not realising I should be able to access the forum as a GD Mail Queue Lite user.

I have a enhancement suggestion for GD Mail Queue. How do I submit it please?

PS You may want to delete this topic once resolved – it clearly does not belong here.

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    Lite version has own forum:

    And, there is Suggestions forum here open to all:


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