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GD Mail Queue is looking great. Just what I need to manage restrictions on my ISP account. I can now retire my own home-brewed plugin that still got emails blocked. Thank you.

Two issues for me:

(1) I use the plugin Stop Emails to stop emails actually being sent from my test site, so subscribers do not get emails when I am testing. Stop Emails is activated on my test site but deactivated on my live site by the plugin SitePush. A simple on/off switch would not do as settings are copied from the live site to the test site.

Stop Emails is not stopping the test emails queued by GD Mail Queue. Is there any way of either testing for Stop Emails being active, or something equivalent?

(1) I use the plugin Log Emails which keeps a log of outgoing emails (even when stopped by Stop Emails).

Emails queued by GD Mail Queue are not being logged by Log Emails.

Is there any way around this or something equivalent?

Thanks for the great work! Will post a review in due course.

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    GD Mail Queue is catching all emails, and if they are eligible, they are moved into a queue and stopped, or if they are not, they are sent as it is. Any email in the queue is send using PHPMailer, and not wp_mail function so any plugin that intercepts wp_mail will not work on the emails sent from the queue. This allows plugin direct control over the sending process, including queue only SMTP and later more options to control the sending process.

    But, I am having a similar issue as you do so the next plugin update will have the option to pause the queue send – so you can enable that option on the dev server and emails will be queued, but the queue will not be processed and sent. Also, there will be some additional filters so you can add your mini plugin active on dev only to stop the queue.

    As for logging, again, the queue is not using wp_mail so plugins relying on that will not be able to get information for logging. I will add extra filters for this so log plugin can use that filter to hook into queue processing to get an email for logging, but that will depend on the logging email author implementing that.

    But, my goal is to create full-featured mail plugin for WP, and next month plugin will get the Pro version too that will have more features and one of the features will be WP wide email logging. I have more features planned, some will be in Free some in Pro version.


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    I now realise I can set GD Mail Queue to be deactivated on my test site, in which case Stop Emails and Log Emails will work as previously.

    This does not cover testing of GD Mail Queue nor logging on live site, but does deal with main issue here.


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    My plugin uses even lower priority for phpmailer_init, so this log plugin should have logged emails before my plugin takes over. Also, I am not sure how that plugin works in the first place, I have never used it, so I can’t help you with modifying it. I will add filters/actions my plugin has, into knowledgebase in the next week or so, with explanations what they do and how can be used.

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    On checking back, it IS working.

    Not sure why I thought it was not – maybe it was tied up with the earlier troubles.

    Anyhow, it is all great now and I have my solution for StopEmails on my test site, so I am very happy!


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