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I have been building my forum using BBpress Style Pack and BBpress Toolkit.

I very much like the look of Toolbox Pro but there seems to be some overlaps with the free plugins. Will I need to deactivate the free plugins and, if so, does Toolbox Pro cover all the issues that the free plugins mentioned have set up, such as the visual look of the Forum and the order of posts.

And do I need to test this on a mirror site?

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    I think you misunderstood some things here. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is very powerful plugin that adds 50+ features and 200+ options and settings, but this plugin doesn’t make any changes to the way bbPress forums look like. All the added features are modeled and styled to match what the bbPress looks like.

    If you are referring to the way this forum looks like, that is not achieved with GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, but with GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress: Quantum is a plugin that brings the theme package replacement, that fully replaces the templates system bbPress comes with. And, Quantum has extensive settings and customization options available through the WordPress Customizer. And, yes, plugins for modding the bbPress don’t work with Quantum. All modding plugins, like Style Pack are made to work with default bbPress templates and styling, and Quantum is very different from that.

    If you want to test Quantum, Toolbox and other bbPress templates we have, please open the demo request here:


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    Maybe I did misunderstand … maybe not.

    I am seriously interested in purchasing Toolbox Pro, I am just concerned that some elements of it might clash with previous installations of Style Pack and Toolkit … but that’s OK

    Nothing ventured … nothing gained

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    GD bbPress Toolbox Pro works fine with Style Pack and Toolkit plugins as far as I know. Many plugin users use one of these plugins and there are no clashes reported so far. Some features in Toolkit already exist in GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

    If you want to get the forums to look like this website, that is done using GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress.

    If you want to test all our bbPress plugins, just request the demo, and check it out. Both Style Pack and Toolkit are on the demo website if needed for testing purposes (just not with Quantum theme).

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    One final query (and sorry to bother you):
    Does your plugin automatically remove coding such as you will see here, which occurs when posters cut and paste from another source, like this:

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The point I’m making is the Agent is contractually bound … why would the strata plan want to hold 2 sets if records?</p>

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    I am not sure how that happens in the first place, but my plugin doesn’t have any feature that is changing the content on save. And, pasting HTML will leave include HTML only if it is pasted in TinyMCE editor, and in most cases TinyMCE cleans the HTML. If you paste HTML enhanced content in the normal editor, HTML will be stripped, unless you copy raw HTML, and in that case, it will remain,

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