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I have to join in with the others who cannot find any way to make this plug-in work, but I’ll post here in one last attempt before it goes away forever…

Attachments in bbPress do not work. They do not upload/attach when you click Submit. When you click the link to attach another file, it just jumps the page to the top and does not add another attachment box or upload the first file.
I disabled S2Member framework plug-in in case that was conflicting, but cannot disable other plug-ins as it would take the site down and we have visitors from all over the world.
Logging was enabled, but as others have reported it is a little hard to see the log and there is no way I am buying an upgrade just for the ability to see a log when it certainly should be in the base plug-in.
I enabled the feature to “Always Include” and disabled hiding attachments.

I created a forum with no restrictions, it still did not work. I added the capability to upload files to the roles that will be using bbPress forums, but that did not work, and all of my testing was done as a WP Administrator.

I can see it not working as a normal user, but when it does not work as an administrator and posts no errors to the topic or reply, and there is no easy way to see if anything is written to a log, then I do not know where to go next.

As they say in the South, “that dog won’t hunt”.

ANY ideas at all on how to get this plug-in to do it’s main function?

Thanks to anybody with advice/ideas!

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    1. You can see errors logged in GD bbPress Attachments plugin, they are displayed on the topic they are attached too. If you don’t see these errors, upload is not working.

    2. Plugin works in 99% of the cases, and whatever is wrong with your setup is very rare. Problem can be with the upload rights (plugin uses WP Media Library), security extension for PHP causing problem (cutting POST requests), broken bbPress theme support (missing important hooks for plugin too use).

    3. Check the errors in the browser (JavaScript debugger).

    4. Check server PHP error logs.


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