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Duplicated Emails and Slow Queueing Time

Published on: February 7, 2024 at 6:39 pm · By: pharocattle

I’m brand new to this plugin. It was recommended in the WP Foro forums because we were having issues with errors when forum posts were made due to a high number of email notifications being sent out. It’s at least partially resolved the issue we were facing; however, it still takes around 30 seconds for a forum post/reply to be made with ~600 subscribers being notified. With no subscriber notifications, the same post/reply takes less than 1 second.

First question…is there a way to further speed up queueing the email to reduce load time when making a post/reply.

Second, and most important question…we’re having some users get duplicated emails. It’s not consistent across our user base, so it seems somehow related to mail queueing or possibly re-queueing of emails. I tried lowering the number of emails in a batch, but I’m not sure what else could be done to troubleshoot and/or resolve this. Any advice?

Note…we’re on v6.4.3 of WordPress.

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    If your post has 600 subscribers, plugin needs to create 600 email records and store it in the database. That should be very quick under normal conditions. But, if your database (or hosting) server are slow, that can be long process. You say that it takes 30 seconds for 600 subscribers, that is only 20 subscribers a second, and that is very slow. Duplicated emails can be also caused by the slow database server, where the update queries are slow, and not properly synced, so some emails don’t get fully processed.

    What kind of server do you use (detailed specs if you know)? The problems you described are easily explained by the underpowered server.

    I plan to have major updates to the plugin processing of large email batches, but this is still not close to be ready, hopefully later this year. But, in general, I have not seen many complaints about plugin speed that is not caused by the server.


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    Milan, thanks for your reply. We’re now hosted on WP Engine, which is hosted on GCP. We were formerly on GoDaddy’s managed WP hosting, and we were having a lot of issues. So far, everything seems very fast on WP Engine except for this one issue.

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    Yeah, WPEngine is usually set correctly, and hosted on GCP. My websites are on Siteground, also on GCP architecture. I recently did some tests on my server, it was able to insert 6000 rows into database table in about 5 seconds. WPEngine shouldn’t have trouble with 600.

    If you can get the slow queries log from WPEngine, we can maybe see if the SQL is really the issue or something else. Issues related to server are hard to debug without special setup to do it. And, testing on staging is not really an option with WPEngine. No matter how good WPEngine is, their staging setups are very slow (at least 5 times slower than live).


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    That’s interesting! If you could give me an example query, I could pause the mail queue and run a query in PHPMyAdmin to see how long it takes in production. Do you think that would help?

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    I can’t give you example of the query, query is not generated by my plugin, this is insert method generated by the WordPress DB object. That’s why slow queries log is helpful, because it lists the queries that MySQL server flags as slow.

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    Hi Milan,

    I finally had a chance to chat with WP Engine today. Here was there response about the slow queries log:

    I’m actually not seeing any slow or killed queries on the server for pharocattle

    server’s mysql and PHP usage are also pretty stellar

    They did note that we had our PHP memory set to ~50MB, so in case that could affect this, we upped to 256MB.

    Their other observation was that your plugin’s not listed as compatible with our version of WordPress. Do you know if that could cause any issues, and do you know when it will be updated again?

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    The latest plugin version is compatible with the latest WordPress. I may have not updated the compatibility tag only. But, 50 MB of memory is very low for WordPress, so that may be responsible for issues. Usually, WPEngine has 128MB or 256MB set for the PHP (for websites I worked on WPEngine). The fact that they have not found any slow queries points to no SQL issues at least, but the memory limit can cause problems – if the process runs out of memory, it will fail without completing all it needs, so some emails will not be marked as sent, even if they are sent. Test it with higher memory limit and le me know if that helped.

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    Hi Milan,

    I just tested again with the higher memory limit, and unfortunately there’s no noticeable difference.

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    I am really sorry, but there is not much I can do. I can fix the problems that I can reproduce, but if you don’t have errors in the log, or the slow queries, there is nothing I can test for.

    Just one more question: what are you use for sending, is it a custom SMTP set? Do you have some other plugin that deals with delivery, which is not advised?

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    Hi Milan,

    We’re only using GD Mail Queue for sending email via via the PHPMailer right now. I just purchased the Pro version of the plugin, and I’ve been testing in our staging environment with using it to send via the AWS SES API. As soon as I get approved with SES for production sending, I plan to move that over to production.

    I feel like we’re a little stuck right now because in the WP Foro forums, they say the solution is to use GD Mail Queue, which has definitely helped, but it hasn’t fully resolved the issue. I hope that I can take this conversation back to WP Foro to see if there’s anything more that they can do from their end.

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