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I’m thinking about trying to use “gdmaq_mailer_add_to_queue” to not add password resets notifications to the queue. I assume I would use “wp_password_change_notification” as per your example in

1) I assume these emails would then be sent by my host rather than my smtp server – that’s ok with me for this sort of ‘one offs’. in fact it should be quicker response for my members.

2) I know its difficult for you to detect the source of the email so how does it work now. Is it based on email subject wording?
I ask because my membership plugin (Wp-Members by chad butler at allows me to “Disable WP Password Changed Notification” and replace it with a Wp-members customised one. So my subject is different than WP;s and then I assume your detection would fail. I also think I read somewhere you would work with other plugin developers in such circumstances – how do this get to happen? ie do you contact him or do I contact him and ask him to talk with you?

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    To detect the type, plugin has a small class that hooks into all WordPress Core, bbPress, BuddyPress… functions that send email, and uses that as the detection point. There is no way to rely on wording or content, because that can change, but usually, filters fired when sending emails should be fired always. If the plugin you are using still fires those filters, you should be fine with the detection, if not, the type will not be detected at all, and it that case you can still use ‘gdmaq_mailer_add_to_queue’, but you need to go through the $email provided to detect what it is.


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    i\I’ll see what I can do
    getting a bit beyond my skill set and its just a small nicety in my case


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    I’ve just run a test using your code in the link as per above and I think it is working
    Would you confirm my thoughts below

    I see it in my gd mail queue “all” and “wp email” tab logs but not in the “queue” tab log – I think this means the filter has worked?
    I see it in my smtp server log.
    So it is being sent – via the smtp server by gd mail queue plugin even though it has not been queued
    and it appears to be being sent immediately rather than waiting for the next queue run (every 5 minute) – so ‘not queued’.

    that is, even though the reset password email has not been added to the queue, the gd mail queue plugin is actually sending the email rather than wordpress via its standard wpmail process.


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    Actually more testing shows ALL emails (this time from my test site forum) are being sent immediately by via my smtp service and are not waiting for the queue to run.
    Why would this be??
    What am I not understanding now?

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    The queue can be configured on how to capture emails. By default, it captures only emails that have more than one recipient. For instance, you have an email sent to 2 emails with CC or BCC, and that is in general not good for the email deliverability, and usually get email server low rating, and it can even get it blacklisted with various email servers. So, when the plugin captures email with 2 BCC addresses it adds it to the queue, and sends it to normal emails instead of one.

    And, you can configure how the capture works, or which emails it captures for the queue. To configure that, open plugin Settings -> Control -> Add emails into the Queue where you can even turn off the queue capture, and configure what to capture.

    Basically, this plugin completely replaces how emails are sent, it can queue emails, or just send them after the HTML conversion (optional), and loging.


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    All my emails will have 1 ‘to’ recipient. I don’t use cc or bcc for transactional emails.
    On my test site I I just found that for ‘what to queue’ I had not set it to be ‘All emails will be added to queue”. I had it set to “Emails with one or more recipient in CC or BCC field” in error. I suspect that will fix my issue – I’ll try it again later

    Sorry for confusion

    thanks again for prompt response

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    well that worked as you expected it would

    all emails now queued – including the password reset one, so that experiment didn’t work,

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    If you enable capture of all emails and want to exclude emails by type, right now that can be done using filters and custom code only:

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    Yes I have that piece of code in my child theme functions.php file but my version of the password reset email does not appear to be being detecte/trapped..
    So as we have discussed above I either have to learn what you mean by “and it that case you can still use ‘gdmaq_mailer_add_to_queue’, but you need to go through the $email provided to detect what it is.” or do without this feature – which is only a small inconvenience for me at the moment.


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    I have added WP-Members plugin on the list to analyze for the next plugin update, and I will try (if possible) to include support for it.

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    hey thats great news
    really appreciate it

    stay safe where ever you are

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