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File upload in replies not working

Published on: January 26, 2012 at 9:12 pm · By: Anonymous

Hi. When I create a new topic, I can upload an image. When I reply to the topic, I cannot upload an image. But, when I then edit my reply, I *can* upload an image.

Using bbPress Version 2.0.2 with GD bbPress Attachments Version 1.5.3 on WordPress 3.3.1 Debugging on, no errors when I try the upload.

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    OK, thanks for reporting this. I will look into it.


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    Hi – I have exactly the same issue and was wondering whether the problem is with the way that we are enabling jquery? I’m enabling jquery by modifying the header.php as follows:

    Is this right? Apologies but I’m new to this! All latest versions:

    bbpress – 2.0.2
    bbPress Theme – 1.2
    wordpress – 3.3.1
    GD bbPress Attachments – 1.5.3

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    New version that should fix this is coming next week.

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    Milan – you are a Star! Many thanks.

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    MillaN – if you need somebody to test code then I’d be more than happy to on my site.

    Many thanks again for your efforts.

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    How’s that update coming along MillaN?

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    It will be out over the weekend.

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    Hey Millan – I’m how is the update coming along – can’t wait to use it.

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