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GD bbpress tools adding broken html markup in bbp-admin-links

Published on: September 19, 2022 at 4:57 pm · By: yandoo

Hi there,
I’m only using the free version but I’m happy to pay for pro if I can get the support to fix the issue I’m having.
So the quote button next to reply button is broken but also breaks the reply links and admin links. Upon closer inspection in console you can see that some of the html/css is within the bbp-admin-links class ings-container> . This shows up on the front end too. As a work around is it possible to remove quote button from reply area where the bbp-admin-links are? It would be nice to get this fixed. Any help appreciated and I am prepared to buy pro if I can get this working. Thanks

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    That markup is not coming from my plugin. Also, in the plugin settings, you can select where the Quote button appears – Quote Button Location, and it includes Links block or the content.

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    Thanks for getting back to me! It’s odd because this only happens when GD bbpress tools is active. I looked through the features and see you could reposition quote button that would do for a fix. If I buy pro and I still have the same issue can I get a refund please? If so I’ll pay now. Thanks

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    Pro and Free plugin are quite different, and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is not a Pro version of the GD bbPress Tools plugin. Toolbox has the features in the free plugin, but everything is done differently, and it can’t be compared.

    As for your issue, I see that there is a lot of other HTML added by your theme and other stuff, so it needs to be debugged to see why. If there is some code to parse HTML and extract things to enhance, it may be triggered by similar markup that Pro plugin has.

    Also, Pro plugin adds second actions bad at the bottom of the post to handle additional actions, and there is an interface to move actions between the main and footer actions bars. So far, no one reported any issues like that, but, if some third party code is causing this, it might happen again. You need to find out what is causing it in the first place, maybe you have something else causing issues.


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    That’s fine I fixed it adding my own css. Thanks

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    Thanks for the purchase!

    You are using the custom theme with very problematic layout when it comes to the forums, from what I can see. bbPress fires various hooks in many places where other plugins can add their content, and my plugin depends on those to add things. But, if the theme styling/layout doesn’t leave enough space, my plugin can’t do much about it. There is no way to add universal styling for something like this, and it will depend on what the theme actually leaves space for to work. So, long story short, your theme is messing up the layout, and without knowing exactly where they moved some of those hooks, it is hard to say what needs to be tweaked when it comes to styling.

    Also, I can’t see the user stats on the URL you posted. And, it seems that your theme broke the author area bbPress into two parts, moving the author name outside of the normal area and leaving only the avatar, and for the space where the avatar is, they left only 150px as a fixed margin. And the reason why the stats might appear as under the content is that avatar area is floated and left without any width. Finally, the layout your theme has here is not responsive – doesn’t look good on mobile devices – content area is too small. If you enable the user stats so I can see it, I can create the CSS to fix the oversized display, but the 150px you have there is way to small for anything useful, and showing a lot of stats will not look good.

    Let me know when you enable stats, and I will check it out.


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