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Can i hidden rating text (angry, happy…etc) appear when hover only + %
Can i remove % and display buy real number when none hover? –> Can it smart if >= 1,000,000 will count as youtube count 1,000K

4) User rating plugin addon for (2), as me understand this plugin will used woocommerce (post type = product) , post (post type = post)
– Can i have each style rating for each post type
– Can i have shortcode to create page stored all rating for autho (sum all rating that they have in website) each shortcode is each post type (forum, post, product…)
– Rating filter , i’m not clear, can you explain… visit demo still not understand
– Is it still availble written text under rating as normal?
– This plugin override rating tab of woocommerce right? Can you update make plugin as new tab (coppy 100% function of review woo and create new tab, so all add-on for woo rating will available use on your plugin) I would like to keep simple woo rating tab for conversation of me and my buyer. And your plugin as specical style rating. Is it possible?
– What happen with old rating in my web with simple score 4 start , 5 start only…. But i will use your plugin create multiple creating option
A… 1-5 star
B… 1-5 star
–> How to convert them?


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    3. With some CSS, the label can be hidden and displayed on hover. As for the number, by changing the template, it can go from percentage to actual count. The count is not ‘smart’ right now, but I will implement that in one of the updates.

    4. Right now, it doesn’t support WooCommerce, but I am working on a new update that will.
    – yes, each post type can be configured and styled independently.
    – right now no, but I plan to implement the list of user posted reviews and ratings, currently there is no ETA for that, it is rather a complex issue.
    – Which demo page exactly?
    – I don’t understand.
    – WooCommerce support is still not implemented, so I am not sure, but most likely it will be own tab with the option to hide default one.
    – My plugin will not be able to use previous Woo ratings. I will see about import, but I can’t promise that right now.


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