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GD Security Headers and WP-Rocket problems ?!

Published on: August 15, 2020 at 2:21 pm · By: iesn


I try many security header plugin, for far this is easiest, complete security header plugin. Many of those that I try don’t work with nginx webserver, this work but… Seems that it have a problem with wp-rocket plugin.

I test it here

If I clear the cash on wp-rocket first test work like a charm, all is ok, if I try to test consecutively a second, third… and so on tests don’t work. If I clear another time the cash on wp-rocket and test again… work another one fist time test and then don’t work.

Someone encounter this manifestation ?

Best regards, Marcelo

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    I use WP Rocket, but my server is Nginx with reverse proxy to Apache, so security headers and WP Rocket caching rules are added to .htaccess for Apache. With .htaccess, my plugin always tries to add rules to the top of .htaccess to avoid issues with WP Rocket or other similar plugins. But, with Nginx, you add rules manually and control the position.

    If anyone knows why this can happen with WP Rocket, please, reply here.

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    The only way is manually add the rules generated by the “GD Security Headers” plugin to “.ssl.conf” on nginx . conf file in the server section. After that I add the rules on the nginx conf I deactivate the plugin “GD Security Headers” to avoid possibles conflicts.

    The plugin “GD Security Headers” remain very useful to easy generate the rules. The result you can see here…

    Best regards, Marcelo

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    You should check with your hosting support to see why the headers are not server for static files (cached files are basically static files, they don’t trigger PHP loading).

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