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GD Security Headers Documentation?

Published on: July 19, 2021 at 4:28 pm · By: sjcallanan

Is there documentation for this plugin?

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    What do you need exactly? All plugin options contain a lot of information, and the one thing that is lacking is about the rules itself for CSP, but there are plenty of websites about those, CSP rules are not specific to my plugin.


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    So, for example, I am trying to set this up on a site that uses data from Pardot (Pardot forms). When enabled, the Content Security Policy blocks that. Looking at the settings page for CSP, I can’t figure out where or how to add an exception for that content. There are others in the CSP that are also being blocked that I need unblocked, but again I’m not sure where or how. There doesn;t seem to be any information on how to use the settings.

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    You need to figure out which rules you need to add. That is not strictly related to my plugin, because CSP is not implemented by my plugin. Once you figure out which rule to add, you can find the rule block on the CSP page and add the rule there. I usually Chrome or Firefox browsers, because they both show CSP errors in the console, including which rules are broken.

    I will try to prepare a video showing a typical process that includes determining what rules are needed and how to add them.

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    Thanks – the video would be helpful. I can see (I think) from the CSP report in your plugin, what is being blocked, and I am trying to add them with the plugin in Report mode – but they are still showing as blocked, so clearly I’m not doing something right.

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