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I have enjoyed exploring the Gutenberg block editor. I used it to prepare a longish post for my users, but then decided it really belongs as a topic in a bbPress forum.

I have discovered that if you switch the block editor into code mode, copy the HTLM and paste it into a bbPress topic, it displays just fine! This includes block types such as lists and accordion reveals. Buttons also work as expected. This is a viable way of preparing content for bbPress.. It also works for topic replies. You just need to be able to post HTML.

Of course, editing is a pain. Best is to enter edit mode for the topic/reply and copy it into a block editor window opened in code mode, then switch to visual, do the edits and copy it back again. I image it would be relatively easy to reprogram the edit button to open a block edit window and automate this process. This would unify the post/page and bbPress editing experience.

Do you know if bbPress is on the case?

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    To be honest, I surely hope that bbPress will stay away from Gutenberg for the next few years at least. To support Gutenberg bbPress would require to radically change it’s posting process, not to mention user roles to allow users to work with images and everything else. Even now, media library is not allowed for use in bbPress to regular users. I don’t expect to see Gutenberg as part of bbPress any time soon. But, there will be plugins, I am sure, that will attempt to do that next year.

    Forums are made for the discussion between users, and I don’t see how Gutenberg editing can help this discussion in any way. Also, it will slow down the front end considerably (there is evidence that it is doing that even now with 5.0) due to the heavy use of JavaScript. All themes will break the way Gutenberg looks like on the front end. Most themes are breaking simple TinyMCE, I can’t imagine what will happen to complex Gutenberg UI.

    If you want to, you can enable Gutenberg for topics and replies, and they will edit just fine in the backend. I have added this to the list for the next major version of the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.


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