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Just installed this plugin – and it seems great. Yet, I can’t find any documentation, in particular about how to set up the timing of the queue.

My ISP gives me a maximum of 100 messages sent per hour via SMTP.
Ideally, I would like to send everything as fast as possible – until 80 mails in an hour are reached. Then, I’d like it to wait for an hour.

Alternatively, I would like it to send one email every 45 seconds. That would always keep me under my limit.
With those three parameters… Cron job frequency, job length, and email per job… how can I set that up in GD Mail Queue?

Typically, I will run into the situation only once a year – when WooCommerce processes membership renewal reminders – but those of course are some of the most critical messages to go out, and I don’t want them to get stuck…

Thanks for any hints!

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    Right now there is no way to set it exactly the way you want. I plan to add some enhancements to the queue setup, where you can configure a number of emails allowed by the hosting company, and the plugin can be flexible to fit the sending into these limits. Right now, the plan is to introduce such a feature after the Summer.

    The best way to around ISP or hosting limits for SMTP is to use REST API for third-party email services (Gmail, Amazon SES, MailGun…). Emails sent via REST API don’t have anything to do with SMTP protocol. But, you would need to have an account with one of the services (many have free plans for low volume of emails sent). GD Mail Queue Pro has support for several services using REST API: Amazon SES, Gmail, MailGun, SendGrid, MailJet, and SendInBlue (to be released on Monday).


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    Thanks a lot! I guess I’ll wait for your update then, I still have a few months until I need this. REST API? Yes, I am reading this all the time – but did not (yet) have the intention to dive into it more deeply…

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