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Given all my issues around using a shared server, based on your experience, would I benefit at all by buying gd mail queue pro and using an API engine? Unfortunately it doesn’t currently support my choice of email service provider and I wonder if that could be added to Pro – I am currently (experimenting) using clicksend and they appear to support Rest API but I don’t know anymore than that – beyond my skill set.

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    GD Mail Queue Pro has SendGrid REST API in plugin core, and addons for Gmail, Amazon SES, SendInBlue, MailGun, and MailJet (all addons are free with Pro license – the main reason for having them as addons, is because they can be quite large, Amazon library is over 15MB). I already have ClickSend on the list of potential services to integrate, but I doubt I will have the time to complete it before next month – best case, it can be released in early July.


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    is Rest API susceptible too issues similar to what I am experiencing with SMTP (time outs etc) – or are there other issues I don’t know any thing about that I would encounter with a shared server

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    Using REST API eliminates issues created by the SMTP server, so it should provide a better overall experience. There is no perfect delivery method, and every method can have dropped emails, but REST API should always be better, and every service providing both SMTP and REST API methods, always recommend REST API as better, and SMTP as a legacy method or method to use when there is no other way. Biggest issues with REST API delivery can be: service receiving server is down (nothing can be done, and the email will be marked as fail), your server has connectivity issues. Other then these, REST API is better solution, and both issues are true for using SMTP.

    Also, for all REST API implementation in GD Mail Queue, I use only official PHP libraries for REST API, so they should be as reliable as the owner company makes them be. And, I try to update included libraries as soon as the new ones become available.

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    ok thanks

    I’ll investigate whether or not i cna get approval for putchase
    is it US$?50???

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    Let me know when you decide on a purchase, and I can send you discount coupon. Just send me an email via the contact form: and reference this topic.

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    Hi MillaN
    Just checking in for/with a status update

    1) Is clicksend API for Pro still on target for July sometime?
    2) Is the Asgaros forum plugin going to make it onto your list of “email types detected by the plugin”. If it does, then I would change the “gdmaq_mailer_add_to_queue” filter to just add the asgaros emails to the queue and then have every other email from the site ‘bypass’ the queue. The reason is that other emails are ‘one of emails’ and don’t require queueing whereas asgaros are ‘multiple emails’ which require managed delivery.
    I now have a contact form plugin which doesn’t need queuing.
    3) I have moved my siteground server from Singapore to Sydney and things seem to be better – still a shared server. eg one of my tests got 50 (of 70) emails sent (was 25 before) before your plugin stopped. The remaining 20 were delivered 10 minutes later.
    4) however most recent testing of 70 emails sent with job length of 85 and emails per job of 35 with flexibility off shows full delivery of 70 emails in two runs of the queue as per your logs and no errors – as I expected. BUT apparently randomly, 1 email in each batch was not received at clicksend as per their log – and thus not delivered.
    Siteground has stated that since I am using SMTP I am not subject to any email limits they have on their servers.(like 20 per minute and 300 per hour) but I am still subject to server limits like php executions limits – but I don’t think I am getting anywhere near 120 seconds based on stats reported on your overview.
    Clicksend say they can accept 1000 emails per second. They are also searching their logs to see if they can tell what has happened to these 2 emails but nothing back yet. If they can come up with something I’m hopeful of finding a queue processing configuration that will work and deliver my forum emails albeit a bit slower than I would like. But being forum notifications, time is not really an issue (this ties in with 2) above ). Otherwise back to a justifying a VPS and/or using an API.
    As an aside I was told that clicksend ‘use’ sendgrid to send their SMTP traffic!!!
    5) By the way – am I correct in assuming you realise when the plugin ‘stops’ as per 3) above, the ‘queue’ statistics at the bottom of your overview are not updated. I got the 50 number in 3 above just because there were 20 (of 70) that remained ‘locked’ but , for example, the ‘queue run time’ statistics didn’t tell me how long the plugin ran for to send those 50 emails.

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    1. ClickSend is still in the plans for July, I have no exact date set.

    2. Asgaros Forum will be supported in one of the next versions of the plugin.

    3/4. Shared hosting usually uses just 30 seconds timeout. And, globally set 120 seconds or whatever, doesn’t mean that every process uses same limit, because limits can be changed on script basis or by different criteria. I plan to add option to try and read timeout on the process start, and use that as timeout limiter.

    5. Yes, if the process breaks, some stats will not be saved. I can save stats after each email, but that will add big overhead (2 UPDATE SQL queries more for each email). The process can break for various reasons, usually caused by the outside influence, depending on the server configuration, and script that runs has zero influence on that.


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    great news – I can wait for 1&2
    Understood 3,4,5


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