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Image Attachment Caption, Thumbnail Dimensions

Published on: July 15, 2012 at 12:42 am · By: Anonymous

Very glad to find this attachment – bbpress is of minimal use to me without the ability to attach images on my site.

Two questions:

1) the settings allow me to show or hide the image ‘caption’. However, I am never prompted to supply a caption. I can go into the admin area and find the image uploaded in the media list and do edits there, but that’s very complicated for my users. Is there a way to have an image attachment bring up the typical media dialog box as appears in a WordPress image upload?

2) I can control thumbnail dimensions, but I can’t allow ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ images remain with the correct length and width ratios. My compromise is a square, but it would be very nice to have the thumbnail correctly represent the uploaded image… perhaps with a maximum horizontal or vertical pixel size limit, but not a crop effect. Can that be done?


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    1. Not at this moment, but I plan to have something like that added eventually.

    2. This is done by WordPress native resizer, so when that changes, plugin will use it. I don’t plan writing new code for resizing.


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    Hi Milan,

    Number 1: I simply shut off the ‘caption’ in the settings, so I can live without the media dialog box if it hasn’t been implemented yet. This is probably more of a future ‘feature’ idea.

    Number 2 concern is the bigger problem for me at the moment. Coming from a phpBB3-based site, I’ve come to rely on the ability to place images in-line in messages. Attachments showing a bit of the image are at least workable (thanks to your plug-in!), but since my site is about photography the re-size function is an issue for me.

    I will ask some questions of the bbPress folks… it would be nice if they could allow forum posts to look more like blog posts – better formatting, with in-line images etc.!

    Thanks you for your work!

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    New bbPress 2.1 allows use of rich editor and you can have images inline, not quite the attachment, but part of the content.

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