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Is htmlfy processing only plain text mails or will it process html mails too?

Published on: May 17, 2022 at 2:31 pm · By: codec



I would like to use GD_Mail_queue and especially htmlfy to add a header and footer to all my outgoing mails, plaintext and html-mails.
Will htmlfy process html mails too or will it just work on plain text mails?

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    There is no way to process HTML emails for something like that. It would need to know what parts of each email top remove, and the methods of doing that would be very complicated to implemented, and highly prone to errors. Plugin can only do this with the plain text emails: the whole plain text part is wrapped inside the templates. If email coming for processing has HTML part, HTMLFy process just skips that email, it works only with emails having only plain text part.


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