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Members Directory not working.

Published on: December 8, 2023 at 10:25 pm · By: robin

I have installed bbPress and GD Members Directory on I do not see any members in the directory although the number of members says 4. My theme is Kadence. Is this the problem? I tried briefly switching to Twenty Twenty-four but it did not seem to help.

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    Under the filter on the page there is a hidden notice (your theme most likely hides notices), saying that no members are matching the criteria. So, the Query returns no results. The query depends on some plugin settings, including the option related to number of posts and roles. Check out the plugin settings and see how it is configured there, and if you can post the screenshot of the settings.

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    The attachments are of the Forum settings. Which one should I change?

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    I just realized that I sent Forums settings and not Members Directory settings. Did you mean this? If so, Use roles are set to everybody. Also Fix the Order Issue is enabled. Members with posts only is enabled and members with posts is enabled and members per page is 25. bbPress default slug is enabled. Slug is users.
    User roles
    OK Check All Uncheck All
    OK Keymaster
    OK Moderator
    OK Participant
    OK Spectator
    NO Blocked

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    I found out why it is not showing members. I had the “Members with posts only” enabled. Turning this off shows all the member names.

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    Since your members do have posts in the forums (well, 2 members do), they should be visible. So, it is a strange that they are not. It is possible that the bbPress calculation of the posts for users is not working correctly in your case, and counts are missing.

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    All is working now, thanks for telling me about the “Members with posts only” thing. It is difficult to find these settings but I found them eventually.

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    I suggest you write instructions for the Users. I found from a Google search that the members directory consists of Users in the main dashboard for WordPress, so you can delete any of them. If you Edit any User, you will find a menu, with the picture about half way down and at the bottom, near the Update User button, there is a selection labelled:
    Forum Role – Spectator (drop down list). You can set this to any desired Forum Role and then Save. This affects whether you can see it in the Members Directory.

    I was missing these instructions.

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