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Moving License from temp Siteground account to Permanent Domain

Published on: October 29, 2023 at 7:24 pm · By: Diana Ringer

I purchased the Dev4Press Club package, and installed it on my temporary site, and now I am ready to move things over to the permanent domain. How do I make sure there isn’t a licensing issue, because the domain name is changing? It is still just one installation.

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    Thanks for the purchase!

    Do not worry about that. We don’t have strict requirement to add license codes and replacing them from one domain to another. The license is for one live domain, and you can use plugins on development, staging or other types of temp domains that are meant for testing or development. Current system for checking the license compliance is not too strict and will only flag licenses if they detect concurrent usage on multiple top level domain, and even if that happen, I will first reach out to find out the reason (some users do use top level domains for testing purposes).

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    Milan Petrovic

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    Thanks, I was able to redownload the installer onto my live site, and I put in the same key but it won’t let me access the paid plugins. How do I resolve that?

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    Is this the main website: I see that Updater is active there, and there are downloads linked to it. There is a staging site registered also (on Sometimes, Updater caches the response from the server, and locks it out for few minutes, so it is possible that you only have to wait before the Updater returns the valid data.


    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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