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Naming Convention Confusion

Published on: April 18, 2023 at 12:44 pm · By: jirehdc

Hi, I’d like to send a feedback regarding an issue we’ve encountered recently.

The WordPress website was running fine until I installed GD Security Headers. Apparently, there is a function call that has a conflict: it can be found here /d4plib/d4p.wp.php line 200 – as the get_the_slug() is also declared in that file, this is causing a PHP fatal error: Cannot redeclare ‘get_the_slug()’ (somewhere in the theme, there is another declaration of get_the_slug()).

To fix this, we had to modify the plugin file (we cannot edit the theme file as it will affect some other things). We had to change the function name to something like d4p_get_the_slug(), which is a similar naming convention to the other functions within the file.

Thank you.

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