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No Download Link yet for GD bbPress Tools Pro

Published on: July 6, 2016 at 3:17 pm · By: boy1der

I went ahead and purchased the GD bbPress Tools Pro Plugin upgrade on July 4th REF# 515091783. I have not received my download link yet. When I go to my account and click on available downloads, the only thing there is the Dev4Press Updater. I downloaded it and installed it. When I click on it in my WP Admin Dev4Press and click on “Install”, it says there are no additional available Products. I’ve waited two days before submitting this thinking this was more than ample time. Since I’ve paid for a year (365 days), two of them are already gone and still no Tools Pro plugin.

When I click on the “Download Link” on your website, it just takes me to a page to “buy” it again.?????

What else do I need to do???
Thanks for your help with this,


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    Your purchase was processed and ready since July 5. But, you used different email then email you used for this account, so a new account was created for that email. Check your email you used for purchase for license information and account login details. I will send you another email reminder to the email you used for purchase.

    Milan Petrovic

    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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    Please disregard the above thread. I just received an email explaining why. I’ve got the download link now. Sorry for the confusion. Consider this thread Closed.


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    Excellent, I see that you have downloaded the plugin. If you want to merge your accounts into one account, contact me via

    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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