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No Error Reported When Single Oversized Image Uploaded

Published on: March 27, 2012 at 2:12 am · By: Anonymous

I’ve been testing this plugin on a dev site, and have run into a little trouble with oversized images. I’ve set the limit to 2MB and tried uploading an image at 3.7MB. The reply was published, but no image, and no error message.

I published another reply with three attachments; two of them under 2MB, and the 3.7MB image again. This time, the two smaller images uploaded just fine and were displayed as thumbnails, and there’s a list containing the file name of the bigger image stating that it failed, but no reason given.

For whatever reason, the errors aren’t being presented if all uploads fail.

If I might make a suggestion – it would be great if there was an error message presented prior to publishing the topic/reply, so the user knows they need to downsize their image. Also, the error message simply states “file not uploaded”. It would be more helpful if the user was told it failed due to the file size.

Otherwise, I’m quite pleased with this plugin! I’m running a bbPress 2.1 knightly, and it’s great combined with the new TinyMCE editor.

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    I am working on the new version that will hopefully fix these issues. It should be out in the next 2-3 days.

    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply.

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