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No uploads at all, how do I determine if jquery is running?

Published on: March 30, 2012 at 6:58 pm · By: Anonymous

I’ve been looking for such a plugin since I installed bbpress a while ago. So, I was very happy when I found it. It installed quickly and the settings page is straightforward. My problem is that the files are selected but when SUBMIT is pressed, the topic/reply shows but no attachment is there. The problem is the files is not uploading at all. I read in your note about jquery

“What are the common problems that can prevent upload to work? In some cases, it can happen that jQuery is not included in the page, even so the bbPress requires it to be loaded. That can happen if something else is unloading jQuery. If the jQuery is not present, upload will not work. Other common issue is that WordPress Media Library upload is not working. If that is not set up, attachments upload can’t work.”

I have deactivated all of the plugins I use (it’s only a few) other than bbpress, of course, but still no upload happens.

Is there another way to check if jquery is running/included? What else can I check?

WP 3.3.1
BBpress 2.0.2
GD Attachments 1.7
Twentyten (bbpress) theme



PS, I have also posted this in the WordPress forum at I will post the solution there.

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    You can use Firefox with Firebug for JavaScript errors. jQuery is required for the transformation of the form to accept uploads.

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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, Firebug is beyond my scope of experience. I was hoping you might be able to tell me something like “if you can upload from another page then jquery is working” or, “look at the page source and if you see xxx then…”

    To test even further, I put up another site, all bare bones, and it has the basic twentyten/bbpress theme and only two plugins, bbpress and yours, and I still can’t upload.

    There must be something very fundamental that I am not doing, some setting, or something else.


    PS, I am happy to make a donation if we can figure this out!

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    Well, I dove in and loaded Firebug. If you look at the attached screen shot where active has a value of 0 I think that means it is not loaded.

    If that’s the case, then why isn’t it loading automatically? What can I do to load it?


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    Firebug console should display if there are any errors. Also Firebug NET/JS tab shows loaded files, jquery.js or similar should be there.


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    Thanks for that. It shows no errors and it shows js running. See screenshot.

    This is as clean in install as you can get, WP3.3.1, twentyten/bbpress theme, and only bbpress and your plugin running.

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    Yeah, jQuery loaded. But there is no upload fields present on the page, and that points to some misconfiguration of the plugin. Plugin should show upload automatically on installation, why that is not the case here, I am not sure.

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    “misconfiguration of the plugin” – what can cause this?

    Perhaps I should try a different theme? What other (free) theme would you suggest?

    I’d really like to get this working!

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    It should work with any theme as long as it is following specs from bbPress default theme. Check plugin settings to see who can upload files, there are many more settings to check there.

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    I am running firebug when I do an attachment here and will post the screen shot so we can compare what happened when I did it on my site.

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    Ok, here is the screenshot from when I ran firebug on this forum right after hitting SUBMIT button. It’s much different from the screenshot of my site that I posted above.

    Milan, I’ve played with every button/switch in the settings tab and none make a difference. This is a barebones test site and I am the only one with admin privileges.

    Your code is basically using the same upload functionality as in the basic WordPress upload used on any page when editing it, right? So, there isn’t some chmod 777 or anything I have a play with.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into helping me.

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    In your case upload code is not added at all to the topic/reply form, and that is a problem. So far that happens only when the theme is not done correctly and elements from it are missing or when the settings are not OK.

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    The plot thickens…Here’s some strange behavior…

    1) I tried deleting the plugin and then reinstalling it. LOADING ATTACHMENTS works ONE TIME! The second try at an attachment does not work.

    2) Deactivating/re-activating, also works on the first upload, but not again (well, it worked one time and then not again.)

    In the scenario where an upload works for the first time, the “Upload another file” button does what it’s supposed to do. But when it doesn’t it redirects to “” – so, you can tell quickly if your upload is going to work by clicking on the “upload another file” button and if it shows the dialog box to select a file you are fine, if it redirects you back to the top of the page it will not work.

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    Well, I have concluded that the problem was the TwentyTen/bbpress theme. I switched to Elbee Elgee theme and it works perfectly. Looks like I’ll just switch to that.

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    I read in another post about the guy who had similar problems of uploading attachments on pages where he used shortcodes. So, I played around my sandbox with TwentyTen/BBpress theme (the one I couldn’t get uploads to work) and I played with various Permalinks settings. Here’s what I found.

    If I change the Permalinks setting to anything other than what I had, uploads work the first time but fail from then on.

    If, after failing, I go to the Permalinks page again and change it to anything else, again, uploads work the first time but fail from them on.

    So, there is something in the code that changes a setting after the first upload that prevents it from uploading again. And, something about changing the Permalinks setting that resets it.

    Hope this helps with your debugging.

    When you test, do you test on the Twentyten/BBpress theme? I’d like to know if anyone else has this problem with TwentyTen/BBpress or whether it’s just me, or maybe my hosting company ( or the MySQL settings or something.


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    Yes, I test my xScape based themes and default bbPress theme. Most users don’t have problems, and from download stats that is over 1000 websites. It is known that it will not work for those adding topics as shortcodes, and for some themes.

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