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Some of my picture uploads are flipped after upload.
Why does the plugin turn some of the pictures 90 degrees and how do i fix it?

Also the number 3 shows up besides one of the pictures, but no numbers on the rest of the pictures?

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    It doesn’t. Plugin only saves the image as it is, no transformations are done. Maybe you have some plugin in WP that is doing this automatically, or maybe images are displayed correctly, and your computer is auto-correcting them for display while on hard drive. Some Windows media managers are rotating images for display.


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    If look in the media libary the picure is also flipped. I think the problem is that the height of the picture is to big. It’s not possible to scale and turn it in medai libary, without making it smaller first.

    If i check my media settings in wordpress. They are set to a maximum height and width of 1024. Somehow it’s overriding this

    Are there any way to get your plugin to control the size of uploadet picture. I mean to set a max height , and let your plugin automatic scale the pictures, if the max height is to big when users upload it

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    My plugin uploads image to library without any changes. What WP does with it, is not related to my plugin. There are no plans to include any thing for image manipulation prior to upload. Plugin has settings to limit image size, but there will be no modifications of uploaded image. If at one point more users need such feature, I will be adding it as a feature but only in GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

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