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Poll option dropdowns not clickable.

Published on: March 12, 2024 at 7:42 pm · By: darkdan

Gang, I’ve been looking for a plugin that does multi-select (checkbox, not radio button) polls.

GD Topic Polls Lite is the third plugin I’ve installed. And when I go to a forum, and start a poll, none of the dropdowns work:

    How many responses are allowed
    Closing the poll
    Show results

I checked this list:
But it wasn’t clear if “Settings to control default values of some poll options” was pretty much everything. If so, I’m moving on to a fourth plugin. Ugh…

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    Poll options dropdowns are classic HTML Select controls, so they work for sure. If you can’t open any of them, pepvlem might be some styling issue on your website, or some other conflict. Try using some default WordPress theme (TwentyTwelve or something like that) and see if thet fixes it. Plugin uses default bbPress styling, and that may be a bit problematic with some themes.

    And, yes, plugin allows multi select checkboxes for poll voting.


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    Well I changed to the default Twenty Twenty-Four theme and I still had the same problem.

    So…. I knew you’d say “deactivate plugins” next, so I deactivated all of them, and the dropdowns worked! :-)

    Then I re-activated them, one-at-a-time until I FOUND THE CULPRIT!

    It is the evil Youzify plugin that was causing the conflct:

    Is there any way to defeat them?

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    I have found that Youzify is very, very intrusive plugin when it comes to styling, and I think it even replaces things it should not be replacing. I got some complaints about it before, but there is not much I can do to fix the problems other plugins are causing. I keep styling minimal in Polls plugin to avoid themes styling issues, but if some third party plugin breaks things, it is hard to account for that. I have seen a lot of reports about the bloat Youzify adds, and I never used really. I can add to the list to test further with it, and maybe I can see what it does really and how it is causing the problem, but if it really disables dropdown, or replaces it in some way, I doubt I can fix that via my plugin. Also, check the browser console, maybe there are some JavaScript errors Youzify produces too.

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    Head’s up. I found a fix.

    In the WordPress Dashboard, select Youzify
    bbPress Settings
    Deactivate “bbPress Integration”

    The dropdowns are functional again.

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    Ah, thanks. So they are intentionally breaking things, but at least have option to stop breaking things :) in case of bbPress.

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