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Problem with searches in bbpress, probably not related to plugins (divi)

Published on: July 29, 2022 at 3:01 am · By: nigredo

I know that it probably has nothing to do with plugins, but I’m a bit desperate and I don’t know what to do with bbpress searches. I am working with DIVI, I use the theme builder tool to have custom header and footers

The issue is that when doing a simple search (with or without GD Power Search) the header and footer lose their styles and destroy the information seen on the screen. I contacted DIVI support and they were not able to help me, I search the bbpress forums and notice that it has happened to more people and there are no solutions, years ago…

The thing is that I already have too much work done in Divi to change the theme at this point. Have you by any chance heard of this problem before? sound familiar to something?

Tomorrow anyway I’m going to contact the divi team again with more patience, I don’t see too many alternatives

Thank you very much ! I am very happy with the plugins

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    I had a bunch of issues with every theme builder regarding bbPress or BuddyPress, and this is the problem with Divi, Elementor, Oxygen… All these themes try to reinvent the wheel of how WordPress themes should work, and they simply don’t care to support plugins that require content injection into regular templates properly.

    Of all themes I tried, Divi and Oxygen might be the worst offenders, and while I have managed to build a bbPress website on Divi, it always requires custom coding to force Divi to behave as it should. Elementor is better when used with some good theme (GeneratePress and Elementor give good results for bbPress, but I would never use Elementor due to the bloat).


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    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    I think I made a bad choice when working with the Divi Theme, bbpress and buddypress are too important in the project I’m developing. For now I’m going to keep moving forward with what I have but if my project is successful I’d like to do a relaunch using GeneratePress (perhaps using Divi only as a plugin, although at that point it might be an unnecessary overhead)

    In case someone is in a similar situation: What I did to at least offer search in the forum was to go to “theme options” of divi, in the “general” tab I selected “performance” and deactivated “Dynamic CSS”. By doing this the css styles will be heavier but failing the custom header and footer will show the basic header and footer of the theme itself. Not really a solution but at least a working alternative, when the user selects the result he was looking for he should continue with the modern custom header and footer. It’s quite disappointing that Divi doesn’t care about this

    Again thank you very much ! the plugins you have developed are great =)

    Cheers !

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    GeneratePress theme with GeneratePress Pro and GenerateBlocks Pro plugins is the best solution for any purpose, and in the past two years, that has been the only thing I have used. It can be used as is, and it can be heavily customized via a child theme.

    Elementor and Divi don’t care much about more specific use cases, don’t want to invest time to develop things properly, and offer some hack-based solutions that usually don’t work. In any case, in the long run, you would be better off ditching any builder because the lock-in and impossibility of later transitions are very scary for any serious use.


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