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Product Ratings Display in Search & Filter Pro

Published on: March 22, 2019 at 4:58 am · By: kateb

Hi there

I have been communicating with Search & Filter Pro, who have recommended your plugin.

I was looking for a plugin that would allow users to leave ratings on WooCommerce products, and for that rating data to be filterable in the Search & Filter Pro filter bar.

Before I purchase, I needed to clarify further with you:

– Firstly, I presume GD Rating System Pro can be added to WooCommerce Products?

– If I was to purchase the Multi-Ratings add on, so that users can rate the product out of 5 stars for a range of attributes (eg. quality, value, comfort etc), would your “sync” (mentioned by Search & Filter Pro) save all this data in the wp_postmeta table, and what does that data looks like (numbers, etc) per post/product, and do you have separate fields in that wp_postmeta table. I hope this makes sense.

On my initial enquiry, they said:
It the plugin stores the rating (one overall rating per product) as a meta value in a Post Meta (Custom Field) in the WordPress wp_postmeta table, it will be filterable. And they referred me to your plugin. However, I now need to confirm if the multiple star ratings follow the same format, and therefore are all filterable, and what their values look like? (eg. numbers?)

Thank you so much

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    Sorry for late reply on this.

    The plugin can be integrated into every post type, so it can work with WooCommerce. WooCommerce has own rating system powered by reviews WooCommerce products can have. But, there are two ways to go about that:

    1. You can simply disable reviews in WooCommerce, and then integrate rating system using function inside the WooCommerce template.
    2. You can use User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro that can completely replace WooCommerce reviews with more powerful reviews system that can use multi ratings too. You can see the demo of that here: where reviews from my plugin and addon replace Woo default reviews.

    Plugin can sync all rating data into post meta for all rating methods, include Multi Ratings. It will sync overall rating and the individual items in the multi set ratings too, so you can use all that in whatever query is related to post meta. I have never used ‘Search & Filter Pro’ plugin, but I have heard good things and I know that some users of my plugin already used that plugin for filtering based on the ratings.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


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