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Hi Millan,

I like your bbPress profile functions, but I’m already using another profile management plugin that integrates with WooCommerce, provides custom tabs, etc… In this scenario, it doesn’t make sense to have a separate profile area for bbPress, as that would be redundant and confusing to users. I’d rather integrate your bbPress profile functions into my existing profile area. Therefore, I have two requests;

1. Could you provide a shortcode for each profile area section? For example, the Subscriptions page could be rendered by a shortcode gdpt_subscriptions. That way, I could create custom tabs in my profile area and add your shortcodes to the tabs.

2. Could you provide a way to map the links from the User Profile widget to custom URLs? In the above example, I’d want to map the Subscriptions link to a custom URL that would display the Subscriptions tab from my profile area plugin.

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    My plugin has nothing to do with a bbPress profile, it is the core bbPress feature, and all the pages there are added by bbPress. My GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin adds the widget, but it links to bbPress made profile pages.

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    OK, I understand, thanks.

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