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Question about MyCred integration

Published on: September 11, 2019 at 7:05 pm · By: scripsio



I have set up myCRED integration. The voting seems to work fine, but I can’t seem to get it to reward myCRED points for ratings. Please advise.

Using free version.

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    I have set up myCRED integration. The voting seems to work fine, but I can’t seem to get it to reward myCRED points for ratings. Please advise.

    Using free version.

    If you are using Lite version of GD Rating System, you can’t use the MyCred Addon we have developed, it works with Pro version only. Most likely you are using MYCRED FOR GD STAR RATING plugin developed by MyCred, and last time I tried it, it didn’t work, and that is why I made my own MyCred addon for GD Rating System Pro. There are two versions of my MyCred integration: myCRED Simple Integration Addon (Free addon with Pro plugin) and myCRED Integration Addon (Pro addon for Pro plugin), and they do similar thing, but Pro version has a lot more flexibility for customization.

    You can buy GD Rating System Pro and you will also get access to myCRED Simple Integration Addon, you can later buy the MyCred Pro plugin, or you can get Rating Plugin Club License that includes access to all free and pro addons too:

    GD Rating System Pro:

    myCRED Integration Addon:

    myCRED Simple Integration Addon:

    Rating Plugin Club:

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    Thank you for the thorough response.

    I have the free GD Rating System and myCRED for GD Star Rating. I see that there are similar complaints about their addon.

    At this point, I’d like to accomplish a few things:
    1 – Give myCred points for ratings
    2 – Give points per rating based on the rating (for example, 1 star = -10 points, 2 stars = -5, 3 stars = 5, 4 stars = 10 and 5 stars = 15 points)
    3 – If #2 doesn’t work, then how about weight of rating increasing according to how many credits/points the person rating holds? Or by rank? So if someone is Rank 1 then their rating counts for 1 point, but if they Rank 2 it counts for 20 or Rank 3 counts for 100 points.

    Ideally we could combine 2 and 3, so that each Rank had its own scale.

    Is this possible? We’re testing proof-of-concept right now, so are trying to keep costs down and just make sure it’ll work the way we’ve laid it out. Before buying I’d like to know that it can do what we’ve envisioned.

    Thanks again.

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    1. Both addons for MyCred we have been made for this purpose.
      2/3. This is not part of the addon and it is not planned for implementation for various reasons: myCred plugin doesn’t allow for such configuration directly, and the points difference will incentivse users to only give highest ratings, and that completely defeats the purpose of the rating.

    With that said, MyCred Integration Addon (Premium addon, not the Simple free one), does have filters for points and log entries run before the points are added to myCred from ratings. These filters allow you to have your own code hooked that can effectively change a number of points added.


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    Thanks Millan,

    …the points difference will incentivse users to only give highest ratings

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    When I was working on the addon for myCred, I experimented with the ways to assign different values to different ratings. But, my plugin doesn’t have only stars rating, it has many other methods that all can be used and all can trigger points for myCred. And, making the interface where you can take all that into account, and to have easy/sane way to assign points to actions and ratings is very, very complicated and very impractical for users to use. So, I decided to keep in with the myCred own points system assignment to make it work.

    But, MyCred Integration Addon (Pro version: has few things that make it more flexible. By combining the normal points assignment with the rules system in the rating plugin, you can have different rules for different post types and rating methods combination. And, if that is not enough, with some custom coding, you can modify the points prior to the points assignment. The addon documentation has two filters of references listed with simple examples on how to actually assign different points based on the rating: But, for this, you will need a developer that will be able to use these filters and create function that can change points based on the rating values.


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