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Question about specific features and addons

Published on: January 11, 2022 at 8:50 am · By: bubba


I am testing your plugin, but with all the addons I am a bit confused.

On your demo site here –

There is the ability to:

  • – LIKE another user’s comment
    – Leave a STAR RATING while posting a comment
  • Can you please tell me:

    1 – What those feature are called (so I can find them in the settings)
    2 – If those 2 feature are available on the free, or the pro version
    3 – Or if they require and extra addon purchase

    Thank you.


    Does you plugin have the capability to:

    4 – Allow users to create a TITLE for their comment review
    5 – Show the average rating for all comments somewhere on the page


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      All addons for the GD Rating System are available here: are for Pro version only, and they can’t work with the Free version. Most of these additional addons are free (you just need the Pro plugin), and some are not free (they are all included in the Rating Club or Dev4Press Plugins Club licenses).

      1. This demo page uses Comments Form Addon ( and star rating is added through comments. Like This for each comment is a standard plugin feature (available in Free/Pro), through the Settings -> Ratings in Comments.

      2/3. Like This is in both Free and Pro. Comments Form Addon is a free addon but requires a Pro plugin.

      4. There is a more advanced addon called User Reviews Addon ( that replaces the comments system for selected post types with a reviews system with review title, pros and cons, dedicated rating filtering, and more. It is used for this demo:

      5. Ratings saved through Comment Form, are actually added to the rating of the post, so rating block displayed in the post is the average rating.


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      Sorry to bother you again, but just a follow up question…

      1 – Is the Comments Form Addon and the User Reviews Addon incompatible? I mean, does activating the User Reviews Addon override the Comments Form Addon?

      2 – I noticed an option to add TinyMCE to the comment form somewhere, do you know which addon/setting I can find that in?

      3 – Also, the current rating plugin I am using saves the review_rating and review_title meta_key in the wp_commentmeta meta_value column. Will there be an easy way to import this? Or can I do it by adjusting the meta_key value to the GD Rating System Pro value?


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      1. You can’t use both at the same time for the same post type. User Reviews disables normal comments for selected post types, and Comment Form Addon works only with standard comments form.

      2. TinyMCE can be enabled for User Reviews Addon, it is in the User Reviews Form settings.

      3. My plugin stores data in its own DB tables. It does store some things in the wp_commentmeta table, but it is not compatible with the way the plugin you use now does things.


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      Hi Thanks,

      I guess what I was asking in question 3 was:

      – If I get the GD Rating System Pro, with the Comment Form Addon, will I be able to transfer my current comments, and their ratings over to your plugin?

      I understand that there is probably not a way to do it automatically, but can I INSERT some of my old meta_data into one of your DB tables so that my old comments show up, and they have the correct ratings?

      Or maybe, and I’m just guessing, but will my old comments automatically be picked up by the Comment Form Addon, and then will I be able to manually add the ratings through the Admin Panel?

      Thanks, I’m just trying to figure out how this change over might work.


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      My plugin has tools to transfer data from some rating plugins, but based on the screenshot, I have no idea which plugin you are using, so the data can’t be used or transferred. Comment Form Addon will work with all comments, but will show ratings that are from my plugin only. Which plugin are you using now? I can check it out, and if possible, I will consider adding transfer support.

      There is no way to add comments that way. My plugin has no way of artificially adding ratings through the interface. You can create custom code to add ratings where it needs to have them, but that is not documented, but you can try and mimic code from the addon.


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      I purchased GD Rating Pro, and I can now see that the wp_gdrts tables are not as simple as I hoped.

      All my comments show up with the Comments Form Addon. However, I still need a way to input/upload the star ratings for each comment.

      Is there a way (or can you create a way) to upload ratings based on a simple CSV file?

      That way if someone used any generic ratings plugin, they can create a csv, and upload the data to GD Rating Pro.

      If you specified the columns needed, eg:

      comment_ID : required
      star_rating : required
      other_field : optional
      etc : optional

      then any user would be able to input any rating from any previous plugin.

      Is that possible?

      Or can you suggest another way to import the star ratings without me needing to manually typing all the comments again in the frontend (this would be my last resort)


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      As I said in the previous reply, there is no way to do that. The ratings have to be inserted properly, following plugin internal logic using function and proper data, you can’t just have data appear based on some random input. My plugin has more complex data storage to allow for much more possibilities for rating, and it is not simply adding data from any input.

      I asked about the plugin you used previously, I can check it out, and if possible, make the transfer library. For comments and for comment form addon, data needs to go into wp_gdrts_ tables and also in the wp_commentmeta (to be available for moderation and other stuff).


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      I see, Thanks.

      My original ratings came from my theme, which is now outdated.

      So I’m in the middle of creating a new site, and I imported the reviews manually using this plugin :

      It’s a simple and new plugin, with not many users, so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to create a transfer method.

      They do have a few nice features, and after testing YASR and several others, I finally settled on yours.

      I only have 79 comments (39 with ratings, and 40 ordinary comments), so I don’t mind re-inputting them all through the frontend (logged in as the different users) if that helps to keep things clean.


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      The best I can do to help you here is to take the code used by the Comment Form Addon, and you can run that code foe all comments that have ratings and basically, add these ratings in a proper way. You would need to write your own code to read the old ratings and call function I prepare to move the ratings into my plugin. The function would need comment ID and rating value, and it should do everything else.

      I will prepare this later today.


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      So, this is a PHP function that can add Star Rating and connect it to a comment.

      function gdrts_add_rating_for_comment($comment_ID, $rating) {
      	$comment = get_comment( $comment_ID );
      	$post    = get_post( $comment->comment_post_ID );
      	$object  = gdrts_cf_singular( $post->post_type );
      	if ( $object->active ) {
      		$args = $object->the_args();
      		if ( $comment->comment_parent == 0 || $args['in_replies'] ) {
      			$rating = array(
      				'rating' => floatval( $rating ),
      				'max'    => 5
      			update_comment_meta( $comment_ID, '_gdrts_cf_rating_raw', $rating );
      			$item = gdrts_get_rating_item( array(
      				'entity' => 'posts',
      				'name'   => $post->post_type,
      				'id'     => $post->ID
      			) );
      			$user = new gdrts_core_user( $comment->user_id, $comment->comment_author_IP, false );
      			$user->load_log( $item->item_id, 'stars-rating' );
      			$meta = (object) array( 'value' => $rating['rating'], 'max' => $rating['max'] );
      			gdrtsm_stars_rating()->vote( $meta, $item, $user );

      The code depends on the Comment Form Addon to work, and to call the function, you need comment ID and rating value (between 0 and 5). Before using it, make sure to enable Comments Form Addon support for post type where the comments are (posts most likely). I have not had the chance to test this code, so, DO NOT USE IT ON LIVE WEBSITE, without first testing it on the staging or development.


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      Thanks, I’ll try it on on my dev wp installation.

      Small question, which dir do I run this from?


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      It doesn’t matter, as long as it is WordPress context. For things like this, I usually create small plugin with one admin panel where things run, to make sure WordPress is available and working, and prepare code to run there.

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      Hi Thanks.

      Long story short, I tried 3 or 4 methods to run the script, including via a basic plugin. All attempts created an error.

      However! After all that, I noticed that there were new entries in the Votes Log, as well new data in the gdrts_ tables.

      The only reason I didn’t notice earlier was because the rating stars were not showing up in the front end (image attached). Any new votes were appearing as stars in the comments, but the votes added with the script were not there.

      Also, the total vote went from 0 to 21, so they were being calculated on the backend.

      tl;dr – Bottomline:

        the script caused an error (probably due to me not knowing how to execute it properly)
        vote data was added to the Log, as well as the DB
        stars for the imported data do not show up in the comment section
        stars from new votes manually placed do show up in the comment section
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      P.S. I started added them manually. Thanks!

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      The code I created is just a function, it doesn’t do anything on it’s own. You should have to create your own code to get ratings for comments and use the function.

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