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Questions about prefix plugin and permissions

Published on: April 8, 2021 at 4:37 am · By: Rob

Regarding the Prefix plugin – Is this meant for administrators to set a prefix on each topic? Or can the topic posters set their own?

Also, can some users have permissions so that they can go in and adjust the prexies? I would like there to be a prefix of status. Open or Closed Status. These moderators should have permission to ONLY adjust this one prefix.

As I understand a topic can have many groups of prefixes.

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    One more question. I might use this with BuddyPress. BP has teh ability to link a forum with a BP group. If I have a Forum show inside of a BP group will there be any loss of features from your plugin?

    In other words, are all the features available when using bbPress with BuddyPress groups?

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    Each group with prefixes has its own rules, and it is possible to limit the prefix set to specific roles and have one group of prefixes controlled by moderators, and another group that each user role can assign or edit. Prefix for a topic can be changed through reply (so you respond to a topic, and you can change the prefix for it so that you don’t need to edit the topic every time). And, the plugin supports the use of our free plugin GD Forum Manager for bbPress for frontend bulk editing.

    The plugin works with BuddyPress just fine for forums used as group forums. Make sure to use bbPress 2.6.2 or newer and BuddyPress 5.0 or newer.


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