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On my website, almost all forums have, at present, 200 subscribers. When a new topic is published, the email gets sent as five batches with 40 bcc addressees in each batch.

As filtering is not working for me, I am using the option to queue emails with one or more addresses in the CC or BCC field, so these should get queued.

Actually, according to the GD Mail Queue log, the first instalment gets queued but batches 4-5 do not – they go straight to WP-Mail.

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    How the emails are sent? As far as I know, bbPress doesn’t split subscribers into batches.

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    I have been hunting for a batch limit for hours but not found anything. I have just done another test with all possible culprit plugins (bbp_style_pack etc.) disabled but get the same result.

    Notifications sent by my own code thus:

    function ovni_new_topic($topic_id, $forum_id, $arg3, $topic_author_id){
    	if (bbp_get_topic_status($topic_id) == 'publish'){
    		// error_log("New topic published from frontend topic_id: " . $topic_id . " forum_id: " . $forum_id);
    		bbp_add_user_topic_subscription($topic_author_id, $topic_id);
    		bbp_notify_forum_subscribers($topic_id, $forum_id );
    add_action('bbp_new_topic', 'ovni_new_topic', 10, 4);
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    I am not sure what your code achieves here, because bbPress by default calls ‘ bbp_notify_forum_subscribers’ and handles the published status. Line 4 in your code is also useless because the topic author can’t subscribe to their own topic. The worst-case scenario of this code is that email sending is called twice. That doesn’t explain how the emails are sent in batches, because bbPress doesn’t do that.

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    Whoops – I forgot to mention that the plugin with this code has:

    remove_action( 'bbp_new_topic',    'bbp_notify_forum_subscribers', 11, 4 );

    So it is not called twice.
    Similarly for replies.

    The reason I have this is that it is part of a plugin that has a function fired on transition_post_status and works such that notifications get sent whether the topic or reply is published (or approved after moderation) from both the front or backend.

    (I note what you say about not being able to subscribe you your own topic. This is a carryover from the equivalent code when a reply is published and the reply author is thus force-subscribed to the topic replied to.)

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    Again, this doesn’t explain how the batch sending you mentioned works.

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    No… but the really odd thing is that, even if something is batching up the emails, why does GD Queue Mail process the first batch properly but the subsequent batches differently? Surely they should all be treated the same way?

    It does make me wonder whether there is something untoward happening in GD Mail Queue. Any chance this is where it is happening?

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    I can’t say what is happening when I don’t know how the emails are sent, and I would need to test that to know more. Without knowing how the email batches are done, I can’t help you here.

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    In my other topic I have reported the issue I found and why the subsequent batches were not being queued

    However, stripped right back to just the bbPress plugin, I am still seeing the bccs broken into batches. I have no idea why but can live with it.

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    So, now it works fine (still split into batches, but all captured by GD Mail Queue)?

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