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Rating only works properly for logged in users

Published on: December 22, 2021 at 12:24 pm · By: mmueller

Hello, we are using your great plugin for several years now. But it stopped working some time ago. We have no clue why. :(

Posts like:

Plugin Versions tested: 3.1 + 3.4
Currently installed: 3.1
Wordpress Version: 5.8.2

Behaviour as a guest. Most of the time (95 of 100 votes) : When clicking on a star the success message appears but the rating is not updated/incremented. Request is successfully made but database entry is not created.

Behaviour as a logged-in editor/admin: Always: When clicking on a star the success message appears and the rating is incremented/updated.

I can also reproduce this Behaviour in a testing environment without Nitropack Caching.
Other Rating Plugins work, but we want to keep your ratings.

Do you have any suggestions how to debug or fix this?

Thanks a lot!

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    I am not sure what can be the problem. I tried voting, and I get some results, but the votes count doesn’t change (so the vote has not been saved, but the new rating value is returned, and that is not possible).

    1. Plugin has support for cache plugins, so you should enable it (Dynamic Load addon) – it will load ratings via AJAX after page load to make sure real value is loaded. When the cache is used, after voting, the cached page might include an old rating so it will not reflect the change.

    2. If the vote is not saved, and the result returns somehow different, that points to something happening in the background, and it should have an error logged in PHP error log if there is indeed a problem. Check your server PHP error log (enable it if it is not enabled).

    3. Try using the plugin without NitroPack.

    4. You have many JavaScript errors on page, and jQuery errors can cause various scripts to fail depending on the running order. You should fix the page errors to have proper testing setup and eliminate that problem as the rating issue.


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