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Ratings not showing – Setup?

Published on: February 7, 2023 at 7:43 pm · By: haze

Hi, just installed GD ratings lite on a fresh wordpress 6.1.1 install running php 8 and no rating are showing at all. What is the general most basic setup procedure for the plugin? As far as i can see its all setup for basic page and post operations right out the box? Just add the shortcode?! Im totally at a loss with this plugin now. I’d like to buy the PRO version, but wont all the time i cant even get the lite version working. Rgds, David.

ps, Can you give a basic setup procedure/checklist (after plugin install) to see if i am missing something?

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    I see on your website that the plugin attempted to add a rating block (you used a shortcode), but the block is empty, with nothing inside but a wrapper.

    By default, when the installed plugin will add a rating block to all posts (not pages, posts only) without any additional setup or changes. There is no setup procedure for that; it should just work.

    Do you have some errors in the PHP error log? To get the PHP error log, check out this article: Or, you can configure WordPress to log errors:


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    Hi Milan, thanks for your response. I’ll reset the plugin and add a new post without changing anything, see if I have any joy. I’ll also check the php log for errors and post back. Could it be my wordpress install/version? I really would like to buy the Pro version as it has all the features I’m looking for, but obviously due to current situ with lite version I am apprehensive. Also off topic but what measures are in the pro version to prevent cheating of user reviews. Its quite important for me to have that fairly robust. Thank you for your time, much appreciated. Rgds, David.

    Ps, I have hostingers lightspeed cache application, but I have switched it off at the host.

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    * Sorry, not user reviews… But user ratings.

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    I did a lot of testing with Full Site Editing themes, and unfortunalty, these themes no longer run any of the template tags filters and actions all normal themes do, so the extension of the FSE is quite difficult, making many rating features impossible to apply automatically.

    I will write more about it next week on my website, there will be a blog post about FSE limitations in this regard.

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