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I have code that sends notifications whenever a post, comment, topic or reply is published – that is changes to ‘published’ from anything not published. It works well, whether something is published from the front or backend.

However, I sometimes need to do housekeeping/tidying up, such as moving a topic to a different forum, splitting a reply, or other editing in the backend. WP seems to move the post through draft and back to published status and this triggers the notifications again. So my users get an inappropriate repeat notification. I have considered turning off emails during my housekeeping but, of course, a user might make a post while notifications are disabled and a legitimate notification would be lost.

What would be wonderful would be the ability to turn off processing of the queue for a while, so that notifications just sit there. I could do my housekeeping and then examine the queue and delete the emails that should not go out before turning on the queue processing again. There is a likely-looking button to delete a queue entry. I am not sure whether it actually deleting the email from the queue or just the log entry, if they are different.
Maybe temporally setting the queue CRON job interval to a large number would pause the queue? But a switch would be tidier.

What do you think, Milla?

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