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Rich Snippet Issues detected

Published on: August 4, 2018 at 5:37 pm · By: praveen

Couple of days ago i moved to GD Ratings on my recipe site.
I set up the single posts as recipe in the settings – rich snippets.

However today, Google Webmaster Console gave me a message saying the

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 2 new Recipes related issues. This means that Recipes may be negatively affected in Google Search results. We encourage you to fix these issues.

Top new issues found, ordered by number of affected pages:

Missing field “author”

Missing field “name”

A live example can be seen here:

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    I have tested your page and I have found this:

    1. You have Recipe rich snippet added twice. One is generated by my plugin, the other, I don’t know.
    2. Both snippets have a lot of warnings (basically, Google will not use them because of that), and the one generated by my plugin has one error – missing image. Right now, my snippet will use the featured image for the post for the snippet, and that means that you have not set featured image for this recipe. Once you set it up, my plugin will generate a valid snippet.
    3. Per Google recommendation, for these snippets to be considered, you need to have a snippet without errors or warnings. So, with my snippet it is easy, just fill in all the data in the snippet metabox (cook time, nutrition, description…), and the snippet my plugin generates, will be 100% valid.

    For my part, in the next update for the Recipe Snippet Addon (next week), I will include dedicated fields for one or more images, and will also include extra information to help the user decide about filling all the fields.


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    Thank you for the prompt reply.
    1. Yes, i had an earlier rich snippet code added to the site. This was at a time when i had no ratings.
    2. All posts have a featured image. Screenshot attached.
    3. I do not see an option to enter those details. I only see two tabs and they do not have these options.

    Also, shouldn’t the name and author be taken automatically from the post? Why are they showing as missing?

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    Just to add the old code was added to provide the rich snippet functionality as the site had already over 9k posts and moving them to a recipe plugin was not a feasible option.
    And it validates properly without any errors, only a few warnings.

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    Sorry, I have not noticed before, but you are using the Lite version of the plugin, and I was talking about the Pro version that includes advanced rich snippets support, and it has addon for dedicated Recipe Rich Snippet.

    Lite version generates valid snippets for most snippet types, but complex snippet types (like Recipe) might need additional settings, and that requires dedicated editors. This is available in Pro version only.

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    Oh. Ok.
    I noticed there was a promotion for the Summer 2018. Is it still valid? I would love to upgrade to the pro version.

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    Summer 2018 15% promotion is over. But, I am sending you an email with 20% discount coupons.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you.

    I have upgraded to the PRO version now.

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