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We’ve been using GD Mail Queue for a few months now, and are very happy with the plugin. We’ve queued and sent almost 20,000 emails by now.

However, unfortunately some emails are tagged with the status “Sending Failed”. When opening the log, there is no reason mentioned why the sending failed. We checked with our SMTP email provider, and they claim the emails never reached their server.

Is there a way I can see why the email failed to send? Can I debug this further? Some of the emails that are sent are order confirmations and password resets, so it’s really important we can fix this issue.

I’d love to keep using this plugin. Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance!

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    My plugin logs everything SMTP handler returns if there is an error in the sending process. If there is no specific error log, it means usually that SMTP server has returned no error, and that email failed silently. You have option to try and resend failed emails through error log and see if the retry was successful. Some SMTP servers might have limit to a number of emails they can process., and not always return an error message.

    Also, I don’t recommend using Queue for everything, and some system-critical emails like password resets and things like that should not be queued.


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    Hi Milan,

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

    How can I set which e-mails are being sent using the queue, and which ones are not? Ideally I only want to send out order confirmation emails using the queue, as that was drastically slowing down our checkout process. All other system emails are fine to be sent out normally.


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    Currently, the plugin can auto queue emails only based on number of recipients. But, it does try to detect email type so that can be used to determine if it goes into the queue: but I plan to also add this as a standard feature in the future, so you can enable or disable emails for a queue by type. But, the type detection is not 100% correct, because there is really no way to know where the email is coming from because WordPress mail function doesn’t provide such information, but for most purposes, it is the only way to know that.

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    Ok. Is there any way we can add some code so that I can make that switch myself? A match on email subject line would be perfect. I’m a developer myself, so if you could point me in the right direction I can try some stuff out. Is there a filter or action that I can use before an email is queued?

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    The reference I linked has an example code, so you can modify it for your case. The second argument $email holds the whole email object and you can match anything in there for what you need.

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    Apologies, didn’t see the link. This is perfect, I will try some things out.

    Thank you.

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