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Stars on mobile – lines instead

Published on: March 12, 2021 at 5:56 pm · By: tristadeleon

Hi – my mobile (iphone 11max) is showing lines instead of stars – I’ve included a screenshot below. When I look through dev tools, it looks fine, but not on the phone. suggestions?

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    Sorry, I have no idea why would that happen. I do tests with iOS devices, and I have not seen this problem before. Can you check our demo website on your iPhone to see if it looks correctly:


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    No, I see the hearts fine. But my website is supposed to show stars and I see the lines instead. I can’t figure out how to fix this.

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    I’m using this shortcode – [gdrts_stars_rating_auto template=”expanded” style_size=30 style_type=”font” style_font_name=”star”]

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    I checked on your website, it is not done because of the iOS device, it is done on every device when in mobile mode (even desktop with the console view to test on small devices).

    The problem is either with the plugin you use to compress CSS into one file or with the styling in the theme or something called ‘vc_grid-filter’. There is a broken responsive block that when compressed into one file, flattens a lot of other CSS belonging to other plugins into media query for a screen width of 768px and more, so all the styling for my plugin has been caught into that (and other stuff on your website, a lot of things are most likely broken), so styling for my plugin is used only on screens bigger than 768px in width.

    You need to either find and fix that broken media query or figure out a different way to compress CSS without scripts merging this way.

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    I see. Okay let me dive into this a bit, I appreciate the response!

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    it’s wprocket combine css – when I unchecked that box, it now displays fine. There’s a field there to exclude specific css:
    Excluded CSS Files
    Specify URLs of CSS files to be excluded from minification and concatenation (one per line).

    Do you have that info? I can enter that there and then it will ignore.

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    This is not specific to my plugin only. Some CSS file(s) on your website is broken, and any other CSS caught in that during minification is also broken. From what I have seen in your previously minified file, that error envelops more than 60% of the CSS loaded on your website. You should fix the problem, and after that minimization will be fine.

    My plugin loads file dynamically when needed, so depending on the settings it loads different files. Use browser console to see which files get loaded.

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    oh okay, I’m not a developer and don’t currently have one to dive into this, so I’ll leave it unchecked to combine for now. until I have some help with this. thank you

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