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Support for Microsoft Clarity

Published on: December 22, 2021 at 12:28 pm · By: ajtruckle


Please see:

How do iI modify the CSP to include their URL? I see Google Fonts etc listed so I ticked them in your plugin, but not for Clarity.

It is also discussed here:

Thanks for your help.

Using php v8. wp 5.8

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    They have described what to add to the rules, so you should try that. I never used it, so I have no idea what exactly is loading. I don’t like adding things in ‘default-src’, it should be added for CSS/JS/Font/Whatever, but they don’t mention anything about that in their article.


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    In the end I used:

    • Source Rules Script
    • Source Rules Connect

    Obsolote Source Rules: Frame
    I assume that Obsolote should be Obsolete?

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