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Text mods in template or admin

Published on: February 18, 2018 at 1:54 am · By: mitchcan


I found you over on the PeepSo forum. I understand you are building some plugins that work with that platform. I look forward to seeing them.

I then found this Ratings plugin, and am testing the lite version for now. A couple of questions.

I found the template way to change “No votes…” and “Thanks for voting!”

But how do I change/remove the text in ‘gdrts-rating-text’ (found via dev tools) for “from x votes”
and in ‘gdrts-rating-user’ (found via dev tools) for “You can change your vote 2 more times.” ?

Is there a way in admin settings to better make these changes? (or in the Pro version, maybe?). Or do I need to mod a po file?

Also, is there a way to place some text in an area just above the stars? I just added a

right before < ?php gdrts_loop()->render()->stars(); ? > but is there a better way?

In the template is “gdrts-template-rating-block-before” usable for that? And if so, how would I use it?


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    You should not modify the plugin files at all. All modifications should go into templates, but not templates in plugin folder, you should copy templates you want to modify to your theme folder. To change texts and other stuff, you should modify these templates too, and for that, I suggest you read more in the knowledge base and check out the user guides on templates too.

    As for how to use the ‘gdrts-template-rating-block-before’ and other actions, that is basic PHP and WordPress, and you can learn more about actions in WordPress Codex.


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    Yes, I know to not modify plugin files. And yes, I know template mods go into the theme folder.

    As for the knowledge base, I did look around in there and didn’t find an answer. I simply thought you might be able to point me to something specific.

    This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for from support. I’ll make sure to note that as I consider premium plugin purchases.

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    I told you to check out the user guides, there are guides for different rating methods and types of templates. So, this is for Single Rating block for Stars Rating: with examples on how to modify templates to modify displayed text or other things.

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    Alright. Thank you for pointing me to that. I had seen some info in the kb about templates, but I had missed the info on that customization.

    I will review more and go from there.

    Thanks again. Have a good day.

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